Haunts That Didn’t Survive the Decade Will Haunt Us Yet

On avclub.com, Scott Von Doviak writes about 12 beloved Austin haunts that didn’t survive the decade. Some of them appear in my Vanishing Austin photography series and a few (sadly) made it to the Endangered Species of Austin poster. In 2010, let’s contemplate an Austin that respects its local culture and local color. Meantime, I’ll keep photographing our landmarks–70 images to date. More to come. Hopefully, more to last, too.

Endangered Species of Austin Poster by Jann Alexander

Endangered Species of Austin Poster

As featured on KXAN, the Endangered Species of Austin poster shows 16 beloved Austin landmarks and provokes us to consider Austin’s future: do we want an eclectic urban core with our vital local businesses thriving in their unique creativity?

See the entire Vanishing Austin series of prints, and the poster, HERE.


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  1. We are on the brink of losing an important part of Austin’s musical infrastructure……..i.e., you may want to add 93.3. KGSR to the endangered list and 107.1 KGSR to the vanished list. The uniquely Austin radio station that brought great joy and fantastic music for 19 years has undergone a transformation that saw Jody Denberg depart and introduced an oldies/pop genre to the usually eclectic and innovative rotation. It appears that whomever proposed and implemented these changes did so without adequate input from the community, current listeners or current businesses who advertise on KGSR.


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