A Summer Invitation

Lightscapes_Blue Pool by Jann Alexander ©2013

Lightscapes / Blue Pool by Jann Alexander © 2013

There is nothing as inviting as a languid, limpid pool
of cool blue water on a hot summer day.

ORDER A PRINT of Blue Pool by Jann Alexander and visit AustinDetailsArt.com for more fine art photography and paintings.


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    • Thanks for visiting all of my reflections images, Birgit. Your water film is lovely. Great spa soundtrack, too! Are you a watercolor painter? (Just a guess from your YouTube channel). You paint water with water?


      • Hello Jann, thanks for visiting my “water”…I love to photograph surfaces and my husband loves to composite music for my little films…just for fun…but you are right, I would like to show this films may be also in spa surroundings, or in museums or I think about it to realize some photos for clothes…you see I have many ideas 🙂 have a good time!

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