Finding Inspiration With An Artist’s Poem

Artist's Poem by Jann Alexander © 2013 (1 of 1)

Artist’s Poem by Jann Alexander © 2013

Ain’t no sunshine. It’s a dreary, dull, drab, gray day. A day that demands a wing and a prayer to find inspiration. A day for an Artist’s Poem, one I wrote and hand-lettered while under the influence of The Artist’s Way, the Serenity Prayer and yoga mantras. ♣

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  1. So you do a bit of calligraphy? I’ve got to get back into it. Guess what, the post office can’t recognize calligraphic hand written addresses on my Christmas cards.


    • I’ve found that the calligraphy pens you can buy are an easy way to get into it when you don’t want to deal with nibs and India ink . . . Unreal that the post office can’t read it! Here in Texas the elem schools are deciding not to even teach cursive anymore. That is so wrong on so many levels I can hardly contemplate it! Thanks for commenting. Share some calligraphy with us!


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